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3.5" Mobile SATA II Hard Drive Rack

sata mobile rack for sata I and sata II hard drives
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Supports all brands of 3.5" of Serial ATA H.D.D. SATA I and SATA II Drives Tested with Western Digital SATA Drives, Maxtor SATA I and SATA II Drives, Hitachi SATA I and SATA II Drives and Seagate SATA I and SATA II Hard Drives up to 2,000GB in Capacity.

sata mobile rack for sata I and sata II hard drives

  • A simple and effective tool for any users removable storage needs. Unique design ensures reliable transfer rates.
  • MZ Series SATA Mobile Rack Aluminum Construction direct SATA to SATA bridge connection for ultimate performance.
  • Aluminum SATA Mobile Rack
  • Product Feature
  • For standard 5.25" drive bay.
  • Support Hot Swap & Plug & Play function
  • Single Low-Noise Fan.
  • 40 x 40 x 10 mm sleeve fan x 1
  • Easy transport and secure valuable data. For standard 1" height, SATA I and SATA II 3.5" H.D.D.
  • Auto push-pull handle design.
  • Direct SATA to SATA bridge connection for fastest performance up to 3GB.
  • LED indicator for power and activity status.
  • * led output requires Host adapter that has two wire LED output power
  • Compatible with all type of PC cases and External 5.25" Sata Enclosures
  • Aluminum material and ABS plastic.
  • Keylock for Security
  • Support SATA I & SATA II.

    Add hot-swapping capability to your external hard drives and enjoy Serial ATA's high-speed performance! SATA Mobile Rack II is a removable drive kit designed specially to turn a SATA or SATA II hard drive into a hot swap removable hard drive. Constructed with Aluminum all around for use in harsh and rough handling environment, the tough aluminum enclosure also provides sturdy hard drive protection and efficient heat dissipation for the high RPM Serial ATA hard drive.
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    SATA Hard Drive QuickSwap Adapter Mobile Rack All Sata cables compatible with MAC Windows and Linux systems

  • ReadySwap SATA I and SATA II Compatible Mobile Rack Enclosure, Always READY to SWAP Drives without having to Re-Boot Computer and/or Change Mobile Rack Trays, This Unique Design Allows Drives to be Replaced Quickly and Efficiently!

    SATA hard drive Mobile Rack QUick Swap Ready Rack

    i-RACK QuickSwap(TM) TRUE SATA II 3Gb/s Speed Direct Connect Hard Drive Swap System SATA II 300 SATA MOBILE RACK Model No.: QuickSwapMRA300(TM) Certification(s): UL, CE, FCC & RoHS
    SATA drive shown with sata to IDE adapter for easy acess to New SATA Tecjhnology with older computer systems or old motherboards that only provide IDE ports
    Easily Convert any SATA or SATA II Hard Drive to HOT-SWAP QUICKSWAP Technology

    Supports SATA Drives from 80GB up to 200GB


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    SATA 2 Hard Drive Mobile Rack

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    $ 28.67

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    SATA II hard drive Mobile Rack

    SATA Hard Drive QUICKSwap Mobile Rack

    SATA II hard drive Mobile Rack SATA II hard drive Mobile Rack SATA II hard drive Mobile Rack


  • Specifications:
  • 1) Fits all 3.5-inch Serial ATA hard disk drives
  • 2)Standard Serial ATA interface
  • 3)Supports hot swap
  • 4)Patents registered worldwide on the i-Rack connector. Its major strength is to prevent scratching the hard disk
  • 5 )i-Rack connector allows more than thousand times of inserting/ejecting the hard disk without damage the connector pins.
  • 6)i-Rack applies the rubber as the cushion, to avoid vibrating and damage the hard disk.
  • 7)The design eliminates the internal case. It reduces the cost, product size and lowers the heat from hard disk.
  • 8)The design is simple, with easy and convenient installation and usage.
  • 9)The panel has the lock option, can prevent improper operation.
  • I-rack User Guide Click Here i-Rack product is quite different from the current market mobile rack, and it is really a good IT solution for power user computer store tech rooms or server/media companies since it requires no tray it is Very Quick & Easy! Hard Drive Swap of any SATA I or SATA II without mounting it to a tray first.
  • Our connector can allow users to plug/eject the hard disk for 10,000 times directly and will not damage the hard disk. It has anti-vibration construction, the hard disk is running even the computer case has dropped down from 1 Meter height. The mobile rack is for internal use on any 5.25" Optical Drive Bay or External Enclosure, fit all the 5.25" computer case. Compatible with all standard type of S-ATA I and II (3.5") HDD up to 500GB in capacity, works with 5,400RPM drives as well as 7,200 and 10,000 RPM SATA HDD. All Brands are Supported, Maxtor SATA Hard Drives, Western Digital SATA Hard Drives, IBM (Hitachi) SATA Hard Drives, SAMSUNG SATA Hard Drives, Seagate SATA Hard Drives, ETC.
  • Large Quantity Orders Welcome: Orders with 20+ units will render Sub $30.00 Price SATA II hard drive Mobile Rack SATA II hard drive Mobile Rack





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